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Make It NASTII feat. King + Jnastii

Jnastii graces the screen with a hair full of pretty beads, and that’s pretty much where “pretty” ends in this scene. Things get pretty rough, sloppy, and yes—nasty, very quickly. Jnastii gives head like nobody else, and anyone who likes it really wet and sloppy will see that he’s the prize. With a force of nature like King, Jnastii finds his match. King gives dick like it’s punishment, but there’s also a focus and attentiveness there that brings a sensuality. Both mean bring length and girth to the table, and as a treat, we learn that even though King topped, he’s not afraid of a little cum, and lets Jnastii finish on his chest.

Date Added: April 9, 2021


54 min of video


Rating: 4.7/5.0