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Twink Birthday Fuck Part 2 with Strokems, Ciroc and Jayy Creams

What better way to celebrate your birthday then to have not 1 twink booty but 2 lightskinned hairy booties to dig into. After playing some PS4, Ciroc and Jay Michael wanna see who has the deepest arch and wettest ass. We weill let you be the judge of this as King Strokems shows why he is truly KING. With his long thick black throbbing dick he slaughters both Ciroc and Jay Michael. Dick hitting the back of the throat and rearranging those insides in this slug fest of dick versus twink pussy. In part 2, Strokems takes his time taking turns on both asses eventually bussing a phat nutt inside Ciroc creamy booty.

Date Added: March 14, 2020


18 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0